‘Over 130 sewage leaks detected in government buildings within a year’

Most of these incidents, totalling 138, took place at Ministry of Defence facilities, according to a new report

More than 130 sewage leaks were discovered within government buildings in the UK over the past year, according to newly revealed data.

The information was obtained through written questions posed to ministers.

The data highlights that the majority of the 138 sewage leaks were concentrated in Ministry of Defence (MoD) buildings.

Apart from the MoD, other government departments also reported instances of sewage leaks.

The Department for Work and Pensions documented 25 minor leaks, primarily involving individual toilets and blocked pipes. Meanwhile, the Department for Education and Department for Transport also noted sewage leaks.

While some departments provided information, others did not respond to the request for data.

The Liberal Democrats, who raised the issue, have expressed concerns about the maintenance and state of government buildings.

A spokesperson for the government acknowledged the challenges of managing a vast property estate of over 140,000 buildings, many with historical significance.

A government spokesperson added: “We have invested £56 million in improving and maintaining buildings, including fitting new and greener boilers and windows and making health and safety improvements.”

Energy Live News has contacted the Cabinet Office for comment.

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