GridBeyond Releases Free Tool to Calculate Value of Energy Flexibility in I&C

GridBeyond, the leader in intelligent energy technology, have released a free online tool – the Energy Opportunity Calculator.

New calculator shows carbon impacts of biomass

A new scientific calculator which calculates the carbon impacts of burning trees for energy has been launched. Developed by DECC, the ‘Bioenergy Emissions and Counterfactual Model’ is designed to help developers make sure they are sourcing their biomass responsibly. An accompanying study by Chief Scientific Advisor Professor David MacKay and Dr Anna L Stephenson focused […]

Solar a “no brainer” investment

Solar is a “no brainer” investment which will continue to attract domestic properties in the UK despite the Government’s reduction in Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs). The Solar Trade Association (STA) used a ‘Calculator’ system for its members and showed the returns domestic consumers can expect. The company found the outcome despite solar tariffs reducing from 21p per […]

Calculator predicts impact of electric cars

Scientists have created a ‘calculator’ to predict the impact of electric carson the country’s power supplies. The experts at Northumbria University developed the ‘grid capacity calculator’with a formula to see how electric vehicles (EVs) will affect the national grid. It measures an area’s existing energy consumption and then works out the likely future effect of […]

Energy Saving Trust launches water calculator

Water use is the “forgotten energy saving opportunity” by policymakers, businesses and in homes according to the Energy Saving Trust. The trust says CO2 from energy used to heat water in UK homes accounts for 5% of the UK’s total carbon emissions and 30% of the average household’s energy bills. Now the trust has launched […]