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Water-saving initiative cuts tenants’ costs

Ashford Borough Council has partnered with Cenergist to provide water-saving devices for tenants, saving money and water, while also facilitating the construction of 750 new council homes by offsetting future nutrient emissions

Ashford Borough Council has partnered with water and energy efficiency company Cenergist to implement a cost-saving initiative benefiting tenants and leaseholders residing in its 5,000-plus social homes.

Through this collaboration, Control Flow devices, designed to regulate water flow and stabilise pressure, are being installed free of charge.

The aim is to enhance water efficiency, resulting in reduced water and energy bills for residents.

Moreover, the initiative contributes to environmental protection efforts by facilitating the construction of approximately 750 new council homes in the area.

The Control Flow devices, patented for their efficiency, have undergone rigorous performance testing in the UK and Europe.

They have demonstrated potential savings of up to £360 per annum on water and energy bills.

Cenergist is currently reaching out to council tenants and leaseholders to arrange swift installations of these devices in their properties’ pipework.

Councillor Noel Ovenden, Leader of Ashford Borough Council, said: “I am delighted that this initiative will not only help our tenants and leaseholders to save water and money on their energy bills but also help unlock around 750 new homes which the council has a vested interest in.”

Caroline Gray Mason, Business Development Director at Cenergist, said: “Nutrient neutrality is a significant challenge facing developers as they look to deliver much-needed housing in a sustainable, responsible way.”

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