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Manchester uni goes solar

The University of Manchester has partnered with Enviromena to source up to 65% of its electricity from a new solar farm

The University of Manchester has entered an agreement with clean energy company Enviromena to source electricity from a newly established solar farm, marking progress towards its goal of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2038.

The Medebridge Solar Farm, spanning 175 acres in Essex with 104,000 solar panels, will supply 80% of the university’s electricity needs through a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (cPPA), reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 12,000 t/CO2 annually.

Construction of the solar farm began in April 2024, with completion expected by autumn 2025, aligning with the university’s broader sustainability initiatives demonstrated by divestment from fossil fuels and leading rankings in sustainability assessments.

Carly McLachlan, Professor Climate and Energy Policy and Academic Lead for Carbon at The University of Manchester, added: “The really important thing for us in developing this relationship was that our commitment would add new renewable energy capacity to the UK electricity system.

“Through our long-term purchasing commitment, we have played a key role in bringing this development forward – maximising the positive impact of our purchasing power.”

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