Truss says “profit is not a dirty word”

Oil and gas trade body has urged Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to remove the windfall tax

Centrica strikes £7bn LNG deal

The agreement will allow the company to purchase one million tonnes of LNG every year

British Gas to stop supplying energy to its biggest business customers

The company has allegedly made this decision as soaring energy costs are diminishing profit margins

bp’s profits skyrocket as energy crisis deepens

Underlying profits of the energy giant hit $8.45 billion – the second highest figure in the company’s history

Will Centrica’s Rough open its reservoir for Britain’s “roughest” winter?

The reopening is predicted to help the country cement its gas stocks amid fears of shortages

Centrica’s profits soar five-fold

Profits of Britain’s largest energy supplier increased to £1.34 billion

British Gas pours £2m into new energy advice centres

The centres aim to help people struggling with soaring energy bills

UK greenlights Centrica’s gigantic gas storage site

The move is believed to be the first stage of the potential reopening of the UK’s largest gas storage facility

Octopus reportedly the only bidder for Bulb

The energy supplier’s bid is allegedly the only one after the withdrawal of Centrica and Masdar

UK home heaters to offer grid balancing service

Centrica and Gen Dimplex have launched the ‘UK’s largest’ trial of domestic smart storage heaters