Compost burial
Washington could become first US state to allow ‘human composting’

The state has passed a bill that would legalise an eco-friendly process to turn dead bodies into nutrient-rich soil – it just needs approval from the Governor

Bespectacled fruit bat
Heatwave wipes out third of spectacled fruit bats in Australia

On the 26th and 27th of November last year, temperatures in Queensland soared above 42°C

Blog: How long before the Green Deal dies a death?

I’m probably the last person you’d describe as morbid. But this week, I’ve been thinking a lot about death. Like a miserable Hamlet of the energy world, contemplating the mess that is the Green Deal has left me with more desperate questions than answers. It’s terrible to wish an early death upon anything, particularly something […]

Energy… the core of Thatcher’s legacy?

She’s dead. The heartless witch or the saviour of a nation. The strong woman or the dictatorial harridan, as the past few days of death parties and plans for a semi-state funeral have shown, Margaret Thatcher in death, as in life, is unforgettable and divisive. Thatcher’s legacy depends on your point of view; the emancipator […]

Five dead in China’s coal mine gas blast

A  gas blast in a coal mine in China has led to five deaths, Chinese media reported. The accident occurred in East China’s Anhui province yesterday in the privately-owned Wunan Coal mine. An investigation showed six people were working underground at the time of the accident and one is still missing. Reports claim the municipal Government […]