Heating the call: Government urged to expand CfD

Ministers have been urged to expand the Contracts for Difference scheme to encompass heating decarbonisation projects

SSE’s sunny combo: Wind meets solar power in Ireland

SSE Renewables is seeking planning permission to co-locate a 21MW solar farm alongside its existing Richfield Wind Farm in Ireland

Energy crisis puts business net zero goals at risk

Nearly 80% of energy firms have expressed concerns that the crisis will impede their emission reduction strategies, according to a new report

Midlothian mines to heat homes

Vattenfall Heat UK and Midlothian Council’s joint venture is set to provide low carbon heating to around 3,000 homes, using waste heat from recycling centres and mines

Ofgem faces grilling on winter energy challenges

The Chief of Ofgem is set to face tough questions from MPs as the House of Commons Energy Security and Net Zero Committee examines preparations for the upcoming winter

‘Gas grid shutdown could cost UK homes £2,300 each’

Leaked reports reveal the potential challenges and uncertainties surrounding the shutdown of the UK’s gas grid in the pursuit of net zero emissions

SSEN’s flexible capacity skyrockets by 140%

The company has secured contracts for 202MW in its central southern England license area

Energy bill crisis: Missed offshore wind contracts

An estimated £1 billion in energy savings is at risk following a government oversight in contract allocation for offshore wind projects, experts have warned

Missed energy payments: 48% of UK households struggle to keep the lights on

Nearly 2.2 million UK households have grappled with missed or defaulted essential payments, such as housing, loans, and credit cards, according to a new survey

Blown away! UK offshore wind misses contracts

The UK offshore wind industry faces disappointment as no new contracts are awarded in the latest round of Contracts for Difference