Octopus export rate boost: Earn £150 more annually

Octopus Energy has increased the rate for its Smart Export Guarantee customers from 4.1p/kWh to 15p/kWh

New RO ringfencing requirement for UK electricity suppliers

The requirement mandates suppliers to protect their RO by holding ROCs or preserving funds equivalent to the buy-out price of their obligation

Six million homes need insulation to meet UK’s 15% energy reduction target

The UK must urgently increase the number of energy efficient homes by millions to effectively reduce both bills and carbon emissions, according to new research

Shell Energy to give an extra £150 to vulnerable customers

Customers will receive a £150 payment directly into the accounts

Ofgem orders energy supplier to immediately provide financial information on its activities

UK Energy Incubator Hub could lose its licence if it failed to comply, the regulator has said

British Gas doubles emergency credit for prepayment customers

Customers have been informed that they will be able to use energy until they are £10 over their prepayments

‘More than half of remaining energy suppliers about to go bust’

A new analysis found that six energy retailers are in the “maximum risk” category