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E.ON Next’s tariff projected to save customers £17m

E.ON Next's Pledge tariff promises to keep customers' energy prices consistently £50 below the price cap, resulting in projected savings of over £17 million for those enrolled

E.ON Next has announced that customers on its Pledge tariff are expected to save over £17 million collectively.

Launched in August 2023, the tariff guarantees energy prices £50 below the energy price cap and has attracted nearly 350,000 customers.

Since its inception, the tariff has already saved around £10 million, the company said.

With Ofgem projecting a £116 reduction in the price cap, customers may see an additional £50 decrease in their bills.

The tariff operates on a 12-month fixed term, adjusting prices quarterly in line with the price cap.

This option is available to both new and existing customers, promising potential savings on energy costs.

Julian Lennertz, Chief Commercial Officer at E.ON Next, said: “It is of course great news that the price cap is to fall but on top of that I’m really proud we’re able to deliver for our customers even more by living up to our reputation of being a ‘playmaker’ – meaning we are taking action to make energy more affordable.”

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