UK breaks solar records with rooftop power surge

The UK has experienced a remarkable increase in rooftop solar power installations in 2023, surpassing the total installations for the entire previous year, new data shows

Global energy sector sees record emissions

Global carbon dioxide emissions from the energy sector reached an unprecedented high in 2022, according to the International Energy Agency

Finland’s bold energy plan: Doubling electricity and streamlining permits

Finland’s Minister of Climate and the Environment Kai Mykkänen discusses energy strategy with Energy Live News

Former UK Prime Minister: Oil titans should face global climate tax

Gordon Brown has proposed a $25 billion global windfall tax to support climate initiatives in poorer countries

COP26 chief slams UK’s green U-turn

Alok Sharma, former COP26 chair, has warned that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s recent changes in green policy necessitate finding alternative emission reduction strategies

Egyptian solar and wind to boost Britain’s energy supply

Britain plans to import electricity generated by solar and wind farms in Egypt through subsea cables connecting the country with Europe

Nearly 1.3m homes could be powered by EVs in car parks

Long stay car parks, especially those at airports, have the potential to provide 4.3GW of flexible electricity demand, according to a new study by UKPN

Subsea cable failures pose global threat to offshore wind

The escalation in insurance expenses arising from cable failures is generating concerns, as these failures account for approximately 85% of insurance claims related to offshore wind projects, according to a report

‘UK solar panels preferred over wind farms locally’

More people are content with the prospect of solar panel farms in their local areas compared to onshore wind farms, according to a new government survey

Shetland port gears up for massive wind farm partnership

Lerwick Port Authority and Irish utility ESB have inked an agreement to collaborate on a 500MW offshore wind project near Shetland, focusing on port solutions and operations