New project to turn car parks into power stations

The interconnected units will be made up of solar panel canopies, EV charging points and battery units

Ford and Mahindra partner for EV development

They have also announced plans to co-develop a suite of connected car solutions for consumers

Dundee’s emissions-slashing project gets EV boost

The equipment will manage peak loads, use renewable energy and buy electricity when it is at its cheapest

Skanska installs EV chargers at UK head office

The smart units will be able to monitor usage and set custom electricity tariffs

E.ON and Nissan team up on low carbon mobility

E.ON and Nissan are teaming up to develop charging infrastructure, vehicle-to-grid services and grid integration

Jaguar’s new SUV takes a bite of the EV market

Car manufacturer Jaguar has released its first electric vehicle (EV), called the I-Pace. It says once fully charged, the low carbon SUV’s twin electric motors and batteries will provide a range of up to 298 miles and take the car to a speed of 60mph in under five seconds. Using a 50kW rapid charger, which […]

Dutch EV infrastructure firm speeds up charging

Dutch electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company Fastned has unveiled its new generation of high-speed charging stations. The first of these sites, which is located on the A8 highway near Amsterdam, will allow EVs to be charged at up to 350kW, which the company claims is around 100 times faster than possible using domestic equipment. The […]

Concept EV aims to unify power systems

A new concept electric vehicle (EV) has been designed to integrate with surrounding energy infrastructure. Designer GFG Style and Internet of Things (IoT) firm Envision have created a four-door, luxury sedan called the Sibylla to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. It is linked with Envision’s IoT system EnOS, a network of 100GW of […]

EVs charge towards rapid refuelling

An electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company says it will be one of the first businesses to deploy 150kW rapid chargers in the UK. Pod Point says it has made the move in anticipation of new cars with bigger batteries and faster charging capabilities coming onto the market. While most commercially available EVs are currently limited to […]

Electric Mini-madness to hit China

BMW has signed a deal with a Chinese manufacturer to develop some of its electric Minis in the Asian nation. The electric vehicles (EVs) will also be made in Oxford, which is where the majority of the cars are currently put together. Cars built under the deal with the Great Wall Motor company will be […]