Unprecedented heatwave hits Brazil

A heatwave in Brazil prompts red alerts for thousands of locations, affecting more than a hundred million people, attributed to El Niño and climate change

‘Brits feel unprepared for climate change’

Recent polling by the Local Government Association indicates that just 5% of the UK public feels adequately prepared for the impacts of climate change

Cheers to tears: Climate change threatens taste of beer

The climate crisis is poised to alter the flavour of beer and potentially increase its cost due to declining hop yields and quality, according to a new study

Climate crisis incurs $16m per hour in extreme damage

A study reveals extensive financial losses of approximately $2.8 trillion from extreme weather damage due to the climate crisis, impacting around 1.2 billion people between 2000 and 2019

SSE reports 29% shortfall in renewable output due to weather

The electricity output shortfall from renewable sources, totalling 624GWh, has been attributed mainly to adverse dry and still weather conditions

Dams: Flood prevention heroes saving billions

Harnessing dams for flood prevention holds the potential to save up to $96 billion, benefitting 660 million people living in flood-prone urban regions, according to a new study

‘Fossil fuel companies must cough up for the costs of climate change’

That’s according to 78% of Brits who think the financial responsibility lies with oil and gas giants

La Niña cooling period over

This could mean a period of extreme heat in the coming years, scientists have suggested

IEA: ‘Renewable deployment helped limit rise in carbon emissions’

Without clean energy, the growth in carbon emissions would have been three times higher

WMO: ‘World temperatures could go further this year’

This is after record temperatures were experienced in 2022 across Europe and the UK