Could a ‘fridge’ save money on your hot water costs?

A new renewable technology could help consumers save money on their hot water costs. Called the ‘Little Thermodynamic Box’, it is an air source heat pump which works like a fridge in reverse. It has panels which absorbs heat from the surrounding atmosphere and uses the energy to heat hot water. The company, called Magic […]

US launches ‘Flip Your Fridge’ scheme

The US Government has launched a new initiative encouraing people to become more energy efficient. Called “Flip Your Fridge”, it shows the benefits of recycling old refrigerators and replacing them with Energy Star models. Energy Star is a standard for energy efficient products, established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is responsible for protecting […]

Tough energy efficiency rules cutting costs for householders

The cost of running household appliances such as watching the television and washing clothes in Britain’s households has fallen significantly since the 1990s, according to a new report. That’s the result of tougher EU minimum performance standards and an increase in energy efficient products on the market, DECC revealed, claiming the UK could save more […]