Sainsbury’s says its aerofoil fridges are a really cool way to reach net zero

The supermarket giant notes the innovative equipment delivers emissions savings of around 8,783 tonnes each year

Big Zero Report 2022

Sainsbury’s has installed its 400,000th ‘Formula 1 fridge‘, meaning all of its convenience stores and supermarkets are now fitted with the innovative energy-saving technology.

The installation in its new Battersea Park Station store means a total of one million aerofoil fridges have now been deployed across the UK – the technology, created by Aerofoil Energy and Williams Advanced Engineering, was originally created to divert air over and around race cars to allow them to maximise performance.

It was found the same technology can also be used to help prevent cold air from leaving fridge cabinets, directing it back into the fridge to save energy, keep aisles warmer and reduce food waste.

Sainsbury’s notes the equipment has already brought it significantly closer to its target of reaching net zero across its own operations by 2040, delivering emissions savings of around 8,783 tonnes each year.

Dave Merefield, Carbon, Utilities and Engineering Manager at Sainsburys said: “We’re committed to becoming a net zero business by 2040 and have already begun to make headway by investing substantial time, research and money into different areas that can help us achieve this goal – including the fitting of the pioneering Aerofoil technology.

“Since rolling out Aerofoils, we’ve seen a 15% reduction in energy created from fridges across our estate and over the next few years we’ll continue innovating and investing in technology to help us combat climate change.”

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