Innovative graphene-biopolymer ‘could render plastic packaging obsolete’

Toraphene notes the innovative new material is biodegradable, compostable and commercially-viable

The Graphene Company paints a green future

The UK distributor of Graphenstone says each square metre of the paint is capable of absorbing 120 grams of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over its lifetime

Phone on fire
Can wonder material graphene extinguish explosive battery fires?

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Engineering suggest it can

Graphene molecules
Wonder-material graphene could prove a splash for clean water

A new study hopes to commercialise graphene water filter technology for use by outdoor explorers and in humanitarian crises

Graphene structure
Graphene batteries ‘could charge faster, run longer and last forever’

Graphite technology firm Saint Jean Carbon is to start making its first graphene gel saltwater batteries

Could graphene see metal-air batteries rise to the top?

An Indian startup claims the wonder material could solve the potential issue of range anxiety

Graphene ‘could spark high-efficiency light-to-power conversion’

Researchers suggest the ‘wonder material’ could potentially lead to more efficient solar panels being developed

Graphene molecules
Graphene nanotechnology charges onto the battery market

Could graphene-lithium batteries be faster-charging, lighter and longer-lasting

Graphene – the carbon game changer

What exactly is Graphene and why the fuss about it? In this film I take a look at this revolutionary new form of Carbon and see how it is being transferred from the lab into the world of industry. From it’s first real world application in bicycle tyres, to the possibilities it could unlock in […]

Rubbish power on the rise

Generating power from food waste could be the next big thing when it comes to renewable energy. A project called PlasCarb will take biogas that is generated by anaerobic digestion of food waste and split the methane and carbon dioxide found in the gas into two forms of energy. By using an innovative low energy […]