YouTube alleged to be world’s ‘highest emitting website’

A new study revealed the websites across the net that produce the highest number of carbon emissions, with YouTube topping the list

Promo emails create 2m tonnes of CO2 a year

In 2020, newsletters received by a UK resident were responsible for emissions equivalent to 350 kilometres in a Mini, new study finds

Internet habits generating ‘shocking’ levels of CO2 emissions

A study reveals that 1.1 hours of Netflix streamed per minute could contribute up to 4,120 tonnes of global carbon dioxide emissions

Cyberattack on internet-connected cars ‘could kill 3,000 people’

A new report warns there is a real risk of normal, modern non-autonomous cars being taken over by a hostile hacker

The #TrashTag challenge, cleaning up rubbish near you!

A new viral challenge has hit the web and it looks like it’s actually having a very positive effect on the real world

E.ON buys stake in connected car platform developer

Vinli provides information, such as when and where an electric vehicle needs to be charged and help monitor oil changes, tire pressure and brake performance

Could climate change kill the internet?

Researchers say rising water levels could damage vital communications cables buried underground

£3.6m boost for nuclear fusion technology

The ‘Machine 3’ device will be capable of discharging up to 200,000 volts within two microseconds

Greener web surfing for Gigaclear customers

Broadband provider Gigaclear has switched to a 100% renewable electricity provider. It has struck a deal with UK supplier Ecotricity, which will provide green power to its existing network of 82 broadband sites. Gigaclear specialises in connecting rural communities to high speed internet, connecting 35,000 properties to date. Ecotricity said it will also be working […]

Google replaces parents for help around the house

Modern Brits are more likely to ask the internet for help with household tasks than family members. New research from reveals Google, YouTube and Siri are more popular options than Mum or Dad when learning how to perform basic jobs like bleeding radiators or turning off the gas supply. Amongst young adults, 28% say they would […]