Mayor criticised on plans to make London the electric capital vehicle of Eu

The Mayor has been criticised for his target in achieving 100,000 electric vehicles in London and making it the electric vehicle capital of Europe. The pledge made in 2009 is only 2% of the way towards his goal as there are only just over 2,300 electric vehicles in London and only 400 charge points across […]

Mayor’s pollution trial too little, too late

A pollution trial led by Transport for London has been expanded. TfL say they have announced a package of measures to tackle pollution levels at the busiest roads in central London, but the Mayor, Boris Johnson has come under criticism for masking the problem instead of fixing it at its source. TfL say the new […]

London narrowly avoids EU air quality fine

London has narrowly avoided a huge fine for breaching EU rules on air pollution. A letter from the European Commission, released by Defra through a Freedom of Information request, revealed the near miss.Campaigners worry the UK could still have to pay millions if London fails air quality levels again. EU laws restrict two types of […]