Abu Dhabi replaces 4,184 streetlights with LED lights

The $3m project is expected to contribute to more than 80% savings in annual energy consumption

Derbyshire dodges budget cuts with LED streetlamps

As budget cuts hit, Derbyshire county council is arming itself with low energy lighting to balance the books. The council has agreed on £23 million investment to replace more than 68,000 street lights. These will have their bulbs, light fittings and shades replaced with a new LED fitting. Of these, 22,000 older lamp posts will […]

Southampton FC to score with LED lights

Southampton FC plans to kick off the next football season with a new LED floodlighting system. By ditching conventional metal halide floodlights, the St Mary’s stadium will reportedly be able to claim the status as Europe’s first LED-lit stadium. The Saints will run out onto the pitch under full beams which the installer claims not […]

Cumbria spending £7.6m on energy saving street lamps

Cumbria County Council is splashing £7.6 million on new energy efficient street lighting. It is upgrading thousands of old higher watt street lights and replacing them with LED systems. Nearly 12,000 LED light bulbs will go up in the county which is home to the Lake District. Keeping streets properly lit is an expensive business […]

Seaside town swaps streetlights to save £32m

The coastal town of Bournemouth is popular among holidaymakers after a nostalgic taste of seaside charm. But its streetlights will soon be strictly modern – as the Dorset tourist town has begun a £7 million upgrade to make all of them more energy efficient. The town council hopes to slash its carbon footprint and bag […]

Curtains up on concert hall’s £16k energy savings

Never mind the leading lady – in Nottingham Royal Concert Hall it’s the lights themselves stepping into centre stage. The 2,489 seat venue has installed LED lights which could save £16,000 a year and cut carbon emissions by 104 tonnes. More than 500 old-style incandescent light fittings were taken out and replaced with energy efficient and […]

Green bus shelters save Derby and Yorkshire ‘thousands’ on energy

Lights in bus shelters in Yorkshire and Derby being replaced by LEDs could save the regions thousands of pounds, it was claimed this week. South Yorkshire Public Transport Executive (SYPTE) and Derbyshire County Council are ditching traditional fluorescent tubes and retrofitting the shelters with LED tube lights. Bus shelter lighting bills make up a third […]

Philips lights up rural African football pitches

Philips has pledged to put 100 solar-powered “light centres” in rural African communities by 2015. Some 1.6 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity. Philips says the idea is to create areas of light for communities which live without electricity and giving people more opportunities for sports like football and other activities including healthcare, […]