Abu Dhabi replaces 4,184 streetlights with LED lights

The $3m project is expected to contribute to more than 80% savings in annual energy consumption

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Abu Dhabi has announced the completion of its planned lighting maintenance projects, replacing more than 4,184 traditional streetlights with modern energy-saving LED lights.

The authorities have stated the $3m (£2.4m) development could contribute to more than 80% of savings in annual energy consumption, reducing expenditures for road lighting maintenance and raising the level of road safety in Abu Dhabi.

The municipality also confirmed LED lighting is environmentally-friendly and meets global sustainability standards, as changing traditional lighting lamps to LED lamps will reduce electricity consumption and improve the colour and the quality of the lighting infrastructure.

The replaced LED lights also facilitate a smart-lighting system, which can control and dim the streetlights through an integrated external system that supports the UAE’s vision to develop smart cities.

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