Mortgage boost for energy efficient homes in Wales

The maximum mortgage offered could vary by as much as £11,500 between the most energy efficient and inefficient homes

Buyers should be given ‘larger mortgages on greener homes’

Homebuyers could get bigger mortgages if the energy efficiency of properties were part of the lending criteria of banks and building societies. That’s according to new government-funded research, which found while 90% of mortgage lenders use cost data from the Office of National Statistics, which include fuel bill data, no known affordability calculation takes direct […]

Banks ‘don’t understand renewable energy’

Banks don’t understand renewable energy, the boss of outsourcing and building services firm MITIE has claimed. Speaking at an event hosted by Utilyx, the energy management consultancy which MITIE bought last year, the chief executive also claimed many in government and business for failing to understand energy as a whole. Ruby McGregor-Smith told the audience […]