New York announces $52.5m for community solar projects in underserved areas

Up to 50,000 low to moderate income households, affordable housing providers and facilities serving disadvantaged communities are expected to be supported

New York announces $7.8m for low carbon solutions in multi-family buildings

It will support the installation of proven solutions that can be integrated into common types of upgrades in a building lifecycle to significantly improve energy performance and reduce emissions

New York to explore green hydrogen to meet decarbonisation goals

A hydrogen strategy study will be conducted to compile information and data, focusing on opportunities surrounding green hydrogen to align with existing mandates for 70% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% zero emission power by 2040

New York colleges and universities win share of $5m for clean energy solutions

The projects are expected to save 4,604 metric tons of carbon every year in total – equivalent to removing almost 4,000 cars from the road annually

New York and Danish businesses collaborate on decarbonising high-rise buildings

The partnership will support knowledge sharing and investment from Denmark to New York and focus on the complex challenges of completing energy efficiency and electrification upgrades in high-rise buildings in New York State

New York offers $15m for industrial and commercial carbon challenge

Project proposals could employ a combination of energy or manufacturing process efficiency strategies, carbon capture technology, renewable energy generation or energy storage

NY Green Bank seeks proposals to help electrify affordable housing buildings

The expanded investment approach will focus on projects that prioritise energy efficiency and electrification in housing found within disadvantaged communities across New York State

New York offers additional $30m for Drive Clean Rebate programme

It expects to enhance the affordability of cleaner vehicles and help more New Yorkers take action to lower their carbon footprint while driving

New York unveils plans for more than 20 large-scale renewable energy projects

They are expected to generate enough renewable electricity to power more than 320,000 homes

New York announces $50m challenge to decarbonise high-rise buildings

A total of 10 real estate groups have been selected, with each company committing to achieving carbon neutrality in one or more buildings they own through investments in energy efficiency, electrification, energy storage and retrofit projects