Brazil’s power grid puts reserves on the bench for World Cup

More power plants than normal are put on alert and prepared to boost production to meet supply

Scotland’s wave energy body joins €8m tidal testing project

DTOcean+ is an initiative to develop software to help technology companies trial wave and tidal energy concepts

Lloyds Bank offers £100m to help small businesses enter Hinkley supply chain

It aims to help firms avoid expensive loan arrangement fees and make the process of borrowing money cheaper

UK wind power tops nuclear over a whole quarter for first time

It was the second most productive form of power generation across the first three months of 2018, following gas

UK’s 7,000 independent renewable projects now powering 8.4m homes

Independent clean sources of energy now make up around 9.2% of the country’s energy mix

Bristol City Council drops its own energy company

It will now be supplied by Big Six firm British Gas

All of London would have to be covered in windturbines to power the city!

The city of 8.8 million people uses an estimated 45,000,000MWh each year

‘Coal remains a vital mainstay of the UK’s energy reserves’

Despite being relegated to the bottom of the energy mix, the fuel ‘still has a role to play’

US power sales in 2017 fell by greatest amount since recession

The reduction in usage has been attributed to cooler weather in the summer resulting in lower use of air conditioning and electricity

T-Mobile rings for renewables

Phone network provider has joined a new initiative aiming to lead the shift to a decarbonised energy system