All of London would have to be covered in windturbines to power the city!

The city of 8.8 million people uses an estimated 45,000,000MWh each year

‘Coal remains a vital mainstay of the UK’s energy reserves’

Despite being relegated to the bottom of the energy mix, the fuel ‘still has a role to play’

US power sales in 2017 fell by greatest amount since recession

The reduction in usage has been attributed to cooler weather in the summer resulting in lower use of air conditioning and electricity

T-Mobile rings for renewables

Phone network provider has joined a new initiative aiming to lead the shift to a decarbonised energy system

Sub-zero temperatures send prices snowballing

The Haven Power market report: keeping you up to date with energy market changes over the last 7 days. Here’s a summary of the week starting 26th February: Freezing temperatures in the UK sent gas and power prices soaring. Rising gas costs priced out Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plants, with coal filling in. High wind […]

Costs fall in French onshore wind tenders

Costs have fallen in the latest tender for onshore wind projects in France. That’s according to new data released from the country’s government, which shows 22 projects have successfully secured a total of 508MW in clean capacity. The weighted average winning price was €65MWh (£58), lower than the current tariff of €72MWh (£64) for smaller projects […]

Day-ahead and prompt feel the cold

Keep up to date with energy market changes over the last seven days with the Haven Power market report. It’s particularly relevant if you’re buying electricity flexibly, or about to sign or renew a fixed electricity contract. Getting these decisions right can reduce your vulnerability to price-peaks in the wholesale market and save you money. […]

Vestas turbine deployment reached new heights in 2017

Vestas retained the top spot as the largest turbine provider for onshore wind power in 2017. That’s according to new figures from Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), which show just under 47GW of onshore wind turbines were deployed around the world in 2017, with four manufacturers accounting for more than half of this share. These […]

Current cold spell ‘sets gas demand soaring’

The current cold spell sweeping Europe could see temperatures fall by as much as 12°C below seasonal norms and has already set gas demand soaring. That’s according to a new report from analytics business S&P Global Platts, which suggests storage levels are becoming depleted across the continent. It says wholesale gas prices, which are strongly […]

Can paper-based batteries stop tearable eco-damage?

New paper-based batteries could provide a sustainable alternative to traditional power-packs. Made from paper, carbon and non-toxic metals, Fuelium’s batteries are suited for use in relatively small-scale, water-based applications, such as blood diagnostics or tests to detect diseases with tissue samples. This equipment generally requires single-use electronic devices, which can be disposed of without recycling […]