ELF 2018: ‘Unlikely UK smart meter rollout will ever offer value for money’

Peter Atherton, Associate at Cornwall Insight, says the domestic rollout has been unnecessarily complex and costly

Could smart meter data help reduce network power losses?

A UK distribution network operator aims to analyse smart meter data to identify and reduce electricity losses and cut carbon emissions. Northern Powergrid, which serves around 3.9 million homes and businesses, has launched a new programme to boost the understanding of technical losses and improve loss reduction across its network. Smart meters will provide half-hourly […]

British Gas to roll out first next gen smart meter

New next generation smart meters are to be rolled out to British Gas customers next year following a small-scale trial this summer. The new SMETS2 meters will be capable of understanding the fluctuations in the supply and demand as well as integrating solar power, batteries and electric vehicle charging to help balance the grid. While […]

New smart meters remotely adjust solar generation

E.ON is one of the first companies in Germany to control solar systems using smart meters. The energy supplier has developed a control box that can prevent grid congestion by flexibly controlling how much power the solar panels generate. Control boxes and smart meters can be used to reduce and increase output from a remote […]

Smart meters ‘changing 85% of consumers’ energy habits’

Around 85% of people with smart meters have cut energy use by changing how they act around the house. That’s according to a new report from Smart Energy GB, based on a 2,557-person survey of energy behaviour before and after upgrading to the new technology. The research shows smart meters are generally having a positive impact […]

E.ON unveils new smart meter mobile app

E.ON has unveiled a new smart meter management mobile app. The ‘E.ON See’ tool is being offered to some smart meter customers instead of a physical display and aims to allow them to accurately check data usage whenever and wherever they are. The energy firm says its near real time information on daily, weekly and […]

P272 Taking the benefits of smart metering

There’s important news for industrial and commercial energy consumers………………… Many companies with high energy consumption are now required to use smart metering that provides a half-hourly (HH) measurement. The smart meters are provided by the energy suppliers. Most of these corporate users currently use estimated (NHH) measurements. What is P272? Ofgem Proposal 272 will require […]

New SIM card technology could accelerate Internet of Things

New SIM card technology could play a major role in accelerating the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). According to a new report from Beecham Research, integrated SIM cards will be used in smart metering, demand response, energy data management and distributed resource management. Unlike those found in phones, these SIM cards are not removable and so are tamper […]

Tip-off service opens to combat energy theft

A tip-off service has been created to combat the increasing problem of energy theft. As part of Crimestoppers’ ‘Stay Energy Safe Campaign’, the crime-reporting call centre has teamed up with data and governance firm Electralink to open the Stay Energy Safe Helpline. This is a free phone line that members of the public can anonymously call and report suspected energy […]

Smart meters cover more than 50% of US homes

More than 50% of US homes had a smart meter in 2015. That means suppliers have installed 65 million smart meters so far, according to a report by the Institute for Electric Innovation. It added more than 30 electric companies in the country have fully deployed smart meters. It estimates the deployment of the technology will reach […]