UK’s newest energy supplier unveils new offerings

Fuse Energy has introduced enhancements such as the customer ability to manage multiple properties effortlessly, simplified moving processes and support for multi-rate meters

Fuse Energy, a newcomer in the UK’s energy retail market, has introduced a range of practical features aimed at simplifying electricity service management.

The company, led by Co-Founders Alan Chang and Charles Orr, former executives at Revolut, now allows customers to manage multiple properties efficiently.

Recognising that many individuals own or oversee multiple properties across the UK, Fuse has streamlined the process by enabling consumers to add more than one property to their Fuse account, facilitating easier electricity consumption management.

Fuse has also introduced a streamlined solution for customers in the process of moving homes.

This three-minute move-out and move-in process alleviates the stress associated with managing electricity accounts during a relocation.

Whether customers are moving within the UK or to a different area, they can provide their move details to Fuse, which handles the transition, sparing customers the typically lengthy phone calls and administrative complexities tied to changing electricity providers during a move.

Additionally, Fuse has expanded its support to customers with multi-rate meters, including Economy 7.

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