‘Poland’s gas plans will stop net zero aims’

A new report claims Polish plans for new gas projects will cost taxpayers £3.3bn and make the 2050 target for reaching net zero an impossibility

Are council-owned energy firms burning a hole in the taxpayer’s pocket?

A new investigation by The Times suggests many council-owned suppliers regularly lose taxpayer money

On-the-spot fines for litter louts doubled to £150

  Maximum on-the-spot litter fines are to almost double from £80 to £150 from April next year. It is part of the government’s new measures to deal with litter louts, which includes fines for owners of vehicles from which litter is thrown, regardless of who discarded it. The changes follow a public consultation, which found […]

EU failing water standards could cost taxpayers €1bn

Countries across Europe are failing the EU environmental standards for water, which could result in taxpayers paying more than €1 billion (£0.84bn) a year in fines. New research suggests a total of 6,331 areas in the Union are not meeting the water requirements, including Brussels, the home of the European Commission. The worst offenders are […]