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Solar Energy UK hits 400-member milestone

The trade association achieved its milestone by welcoming its 400th member, solar distributor CCL Components

Solar Energy UK has achieved a milestone, reaching a membership of 400 businesses and organisations.

The association’s 400th member, solar distributor CCL Components, expressed excitement about joining Solar Energy UK.

Chief Executive Chris Hewett attributed this achievement to the dedication of members in propelling the solar energy industry forward.

Chris Hewett said: “Together, we are transforming the energy sector, pushing the boundaries of innovation and efficiency. This isn’t just about numbers; it is about our collective commitment to a decarbonised future.”

CCL Components Managing Director Paul Brooks said: “We are very pleased to be joining Solar Energy UK.

“This membership milestone reflects the association’s achievements in uniting the industry and the significance of its commitment to achieving 70GW by 2035.”

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