India’s national railway system on track to install 1GW of solar power

Indian Railways also plans to install around 200MW of wind power across its lines and stations by 2021/2022

Stadler signs deal to deliver ‘first hydrogen-powered passenger train to US’

San Bernardino County Transportation Authority awarded the tender for the environmentally-friendly locomotive

South Western Railway to host trackside solar pilot project

The scheme aims to find a way to channel power directly from panels into the rail network

Future train
Hydrogen trains ‘vital to decarbonising UK railways’

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers says gas-powered trains should be rolled out wherever electrification is not possible

Railway tracks
New funding launched to get UK’s low carbon railways on track

Five projects have secured £350,000 of funding each to deploy their technologies across the country’s train lines

High-speed train
Could improving the railways be the right track to saving energy?

The International Energy Agency suggests trains are an underlooked form of energy efficient transportation

London tube travellers ‘more exposed to pollution than drivers’

Car drivers in London are causing the most pollution per commuter but are the least exposed to it. That’s according to new research, which revealed commuters who use the Underground are actually the most exposed to toxic air quality, followed by those on buses. Researchers at the University of Surrey found underground trains with open […]

New UK research to investigate solar use to power trains

A new project is to investigate using track-side solar panels to power trains in the UK. The Renewable Traction Power project will look at connecting solar panels directly to train lines to provide electricity. It is a collaboration between Imperial College London, charity 10:10, Turbo Power Systems, Community Energy South and Energy Futures Lab. It […]

Wind energy to power trains in Belgium

Belgium has plans to power 170 trains by wind energy. In total 25 turbines, located in different regions of the country will generate 35 million kWh of energy – equivalent to powering 10,000 homes. About two-thirds of the electricity produced will be used for the rail line between Leuven and Liege and the surplus will be […]

Go-Ahead’s energy bills ‘higher than profits’

One of the UK’s largest transport companies spends more on energy bills than it earns in operational profits. Go-Ahead Group runs a number of rail and bus firms in the UK, with more than 800 trains and 4,600 buses. Group Environment and Energy Manager, Chris Grinsted said: “We spend upwards of £120 million a year […]