EU Member States approve new rules to curb waste

They will introduce specific measures to prioritise prevention, reuse and recycling instead of landfill or incineration

Volvo unveils electric dump truck to bin emissions

The automotive manufacturer says the FE Electric will enable cities to reduce many of the problems associated with heavy goods vehicles

‘EU must not count burning waste as renewable power’

A group of environmental organisations and businesses say this can distort markets and damage the environment

Despite hating rubbish, 94% of Brits wouldn’t stop a litterbug

Only 3% think they would confront a litter lout, depending on the circumstances

New enzyme nibbles on nasty plastic waste

The modified enzyme PETase can start breaking down PET plastic in just a few days

UK to introduce deposit return scheme for single-use bottles

Consumers use an estimated 13 billion plastic drinks bottles a year but more than three billion are not recycled

EBRD announces €150k funding for green solutions in Serbia

The money will help develop and implement innovative climate-friendly projects across the country

Work starts on making radioactive liquid at Dounreay safer

The liquid is being turned into a solid by mixing it with cement, ash and lime, with more than 30 drums to be initially filled with the waste

Welsh councils granted £7.5m to boost recycling

Recycling in Wales is currently said to be 12% above the UK average

Chewing gum waste reincarnated as recycling bins

New bins made out of old chewing gum waste mean the sticky litter can enter a closed recycling loop