UK tyre recycling plant gets green light

Wastefront has secured an environmental permit for its tyre recycling facility at the Port of Sunderland

UK troops gear up with recycled armour

A startup has developed a process to recycle end-of-life body armour fibres, allowing UK soldiers to wear recycled gear

UK considers cutting planning ‘red tape’ to accelerate energy projects

The government plans to expedite approval for nationally significant infrastructure projects in energy, transport, water and waste sectors

‘UK’s largest’ electric trash fleet rolls out

Westminster City Council and Veolia have launched an electric refuse collection fleet, powered by waste

Repair at home headphones – the sustainable choice?

New headphones have hit the market that can be disassembled with a screwdriver into nine separate parts – to stop you buying an entirely new pair

How long can your booze last?

Knowing how long your drink lasts can stop waste, research suggests

AI waste sorting robots raise additional $17m in funding

The new investment will support the waste robotics startup’s vision for more sustainable waste management practices

UK to launch ‘cash for plastic trash’ scheme

People will be paid to collect recyclable rubbish, including cans and plastic bottles

‘Heat pumps can cut carbon from biogas by 36%’

This is according to scientists, claiming they clean up the process of anaerobic digestion

Your flights powered by bin bags?

Your waste could take you on holiday this year…