Autonomous inspection droids overhead!

SSEN and Williams have teamed up to develop safe and efficient power line maintenance robots

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) and Williams Advanced Engineering have teamed up to design autonomous power line inspection robots.

Funded by Ofgem, the Line Inspection by Semi-Autonomous Systems (LISAS) project will be the first time a highly autonomous robot will be used to inspect the UK’s electricity network.

It aims to safely trial a robot system capable of finding out where maintenance is required without human control.

It will enable inspections to safely take place while electricity is still flowing through cables, helping increase reliability and efficiency without the necessity of network outages.

Stewart Reid, Head of Distribution System Operator and Innovation at SSEN, said: “The use of robotics to help us inspect and maintain our network has the potential to provide enormous benefits to our customers and our people, from improvements in safety and network reliability to reduced costs for our customers.

“Robotics are already changing the world around us and I am very excited to see this agreement in place with Williams Advanced Engineering.”

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