South Korea provides funding to support vanadium battery tech

The project aims to achieve double the energy density of competing technologies

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South Korea has provided $2.1 million (£1.6m) of funding to support the trial of a 4MWh vanadium battery, targeting double the energy density of competing technologies.

The Korean Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) awarded Australian firm Korid Energy with finance to supply its patented V-KOR stack technology to a project seeking to devise an industry-standard for vanadium battery solutions.

The funding forms part of a broader $7.05 million (£5.4m) project, in which the V-KOR stack technology will be integrated with a 1MW vanadium redox flow battery.

The V-KOR stack technology uses stacks of repeating cell frames, improving performance and lowering manufacturing costs.

A new design of rechargeable battery created using salt could boost efficiency and reduce costs.

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