‘Flying drones and AI could replace weak link in maintenance – humans’

A new report suggests these technologies could dramatically speed up inspection of turbine blades and power transmission equipment

Government launches fund for smart energy systems

The fund’s first round will see recipients receive a share of £41.5 million

Dutch clean energy firm goes smart with cloud computing

It will develop cloud management, application services and other end-user services

‘5G internet will not happen in 2018’

The upcoming technology could save households an average of up to £450 on energy each year

‘Blockchain technology could save the planet’

Could a blockchain-based incentive system encourage large-scale fossil fuel divestment?

Solar-hybrid plant hits gold in Burkina Faso

The facility is expected to reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions at the site by as much as 18,500 tons

BP: Clean technology could cut consumption by 40%

The tech could increase vehicle efficiency, improve building design and use less energy in cooking and washing

5G-enabled smart tech ‘could save the UK £6bn a year’

O2 says households could save an average of £450 on energy each year if the technology was widely adopted

Automotive firms team up on hybrid battery tech

A new joint venture aims to allow an automotive company to source battery units for its hybrid cars from a single source

E.ON and Nissan team up on low carbon mobility

E.ON and Nissan are teaming up to develop charging infrastructure, vehicle-to-grid services and grid integration