World’s ‘smallest EV charger’ hits the market

The EO Mini Smart Home charger is smaller than an A5 piece of paper

Subsea tech and data firm teams up with US Government to map seabed

This information is vital for the development of infrastructure such as offshore wind and tidal energy generation

Highview Power announces plans to develop liquid air energy storage system in US

The facility, which will have a capacity of at least 50MW, is to be located in northern Vermont

General Fusion closes $65m of new finance

The company will use the money to formally launch the programme to design, construct, and subsequently operate its Fusion Demonstration Plant

IBM unveils cobalt-free battery tech

The firm says the innovation could help eliminate the need for heavy metals in battery production

A busy year in energy – but what exactly did 2019 change for the sector?

Just in case you’ve forgotten what’s been going on, we’ve put a quick summary together for you…

Gresham House Energy Storage charges up portfolio by 66%

The firm has bought what it claims are ‘two of the UK’s largest energy storage facilities’

New roadside tech ‘can improve quality of polluted air by 99%’

Pollution Solution’s patented technology can capture harmful and toxic air at the kerb, before carrying it away to a series of partially-submerged pods installed in the centre of the roadway

Nova Innovation shoots past funding target

The tidal energy developer raised £700,000, significantly more than its goal of £500,000

ABB’s submersible robots ‘halve cost of transformer maintenance’

The technology firm has used its submersible robotic technology to help silicon producer Simcoa Operations safely, quickly and efficiently inspect one of the two power transformers its manufacturing facility relies upon