innogy Ventures invests in Swiss smart mobility tech firm

The insights provided by Teralytics’ platform are expected to support the global shift towards electric vehicles

Big Zero Report 2022

The venture capital arm of German energy giant innogy’s Innovation Hub has bought a stake in a Swiss smart mobility technology company.

innogy Ventures has invested in Teralytics as part of a $17.5 million (£14.4m) funding round, led by Robert Bosch Venture Capital, the corporate venture capital company of the Bosch Group and participants including Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures and Liil Ventures.

Teralytics is building a platform to provide advanced mobility analytics powered by telecom network data, using data science and machine learning algorithms to understand, predict and improve journeys across all modes of transport.

These insights are expected to support the global shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), helping to optimise charging station locations and transform the electricity grids based on predicted demand.

The company currently provides mobility data products for infrastructure developers, transport planners and shared mobility services across more than 10 countries.

Thomas W. Thomas, Managing Director innogy Ventures, said: “We are convinced that this exceptional team, with their strong track record in building the leading analytics technology stack, is well positioned to unlock the data the world needs to improve human mobility, both in terms of delivering a better service at lower cost and with minimised environmental impact.

“We are amazed by the insights the Teralytics platform offers for the future use of electric vehicles, the optimisation of charging station locations and the implications for electricity grid operations.”

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