Swiss countryside
Swiss solar roofs could produce 83% of all power demand

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy says panels spread across every rooftop in the country could generate around 50tWh of electricity a year

Swiss firm raises $30.8m to suck carbon from air

Climeworks has set a goal to capture 1% of global carbon emissions by 2025 through its technology

New mega-battery factory lands in Switzerland

The facility is expected to be one of the largest operations of its kind in Europe

SIX Swiss Exchange joins Climate Bonds Initiative

Switzerland’s principal stock exchange, SIX Swiss Exchange, has joined the Climate Bonds Initiative. The programme supports the growing green and climate bonds market with the aim of mobilising the $100 trillion (£72tn) bond market for climate change solutions. The exchange will work with Climate Bonds to support increased investment towards a low carbon and climate […]

Council greenlights EU-Swiss emissions trading link

The European Council has given the green light for the agreement linking the EU and Swiss emissions trading systems (ETS). It will now forward it to the European Parliament for its consent in order to conclude the agreement. The ETS is one of the main tools for cost effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in particular […]

Swiss start-up shakes up solar sector

  ELN News Editor Priyanka Shrestha visits Swiss start-up Flisom’s production facility in Niederhasli where it is manufacturing flexible and customisable solar panels. Watch to find out more about the innovative technology.

New flexible and customisable solar modules unveiled

  A highly flexible, thin and light solar panel has officially been launched in Switzerland. Flisom’s new technology is said to be 98% thinner and lighter than traditional solar panels currently available on the market. The jet black modules are rollable and customizable and can be used in the roofs and facades of buildings as […]

EU and Switzerland to link carbon markets

The Swiss Federal Council has approved a deal to link the carbon markets of the nation with the European Union. The Emissions Trading System (ETS) aims to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the sectors responsible for the most emissions. The European Commission has submitted its ratification to the EU Council for […]

Flexible solar panels get ready to roll out

A Swiss solar firm has developed a thin, lightweight and rollable photovoltaic panel. Flisom’s new technology offers a 20 times higher power to weight ratio than standard silicon solar panels and can achieve world record conversion efficiencies of 20.4% in a Copper Indium Gallium Selenide (CIGS) cell. The company, headquartered in Zurich, has spent over a […]

Switzerland votes nuclear out, renewables in

Switzerland has voted to phase out nuclear power in favour of renewable energy. A public referendum decided to adopt an energy plan that will eventually replace all nuclear energy with solar, wind and hydropower generation. Swiss voters passed the energy plan with a more than 58% majority in support. There’s currently no timeframe for the nuclear shutdown but the process is expected to begin in […]