British Gas launches ‘Green Future Plus’ energy tariff

The average energy bill for consumers will total £1,237, which the supplier says is a cost-effective option for those looking for the ‘greenest’ tariff

Big Zero Report 2022

British Gas has launched a new energy tariff which it claims is “one of the greenest” on the market.

The ‘Green Future Plus’ tariff offers customers 10% green gas – comprised of biomethane – and 100% renewable electricity and is fixed until July 2022.

The average energy bill for consumers on the tariff will total £1,237, which British Gas says is a cost-effective option for those looking for the greenest tariff.

In addition, customers can help protect a hectare of rainforest in the Amazon every year, with the project certified by the Verified Carbon Standard, which issues one VER certificate per tonne of CO2 mitigated as a result of the project.

It supports British Gas owner Centrica’s ambition to help its customers reduce emissions by 25% by 2030.

Dave Kirwan, Managing Director of UK Home at Centrica said: “Customers who choose this tariff will have peace of mind that they are making a positive contribution towards tackling climate change. We want to offer our customers different types of tariffs that suit their individual needs and for some that means knowing their energy is from environmentally friendly sources.

“As well as providing ways for people to consume greener energy, we’ve led the way in electric vehicle charging, distributed energy solutions and we are committed to helping our customers reduce their emissions.”

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