ENGIE snaps up French biomethane producer

Vol-V Biomasse has seven units in operation and three under construction

Shell petrol station
Shell Ventures invests in Netherlands-based green gas business

Nordsol turns biogas produced from organic waste into liquefied biomethane

UK ‘set for surge in green gas plants’

Up to £400 million is to be invested in associated infrastructure by 2020

UK investment firm buys anaerobic digestion plant for £18m

It has a thermal capacity of 5MW and predominantly produces biomethane to be injected to the grid

Centrica buys 50% stake in UK green gas supplier

The new partnership with Barrow Green Gas is to enable the energy giant to offer customers a wider choice of renewable products

EU approves Italy’s €4.7bn public support for biofuels

Italy’s plans to provide €4.7 billion (£4.2bn) of public support for advanced biomethane and biofuels have been approved by the European Commission. The scheme, which will run until 2022, supports the production and distribution of second and third-generation biofuels for use in transport. Under the project, producers of advanced biomethane and biofuels receive a premium […]

Severn Trent invests £15m in biomethane plants

Severn Trent has invested £15 million in three new biomethane gas-to-grid plants. The water company, which serves eight million people across the Midlands and Wales, says the power generated will be enough to heat more than 8,000 homes for a year. However, it plans to use the biogas fermented from sewage sludge, contaminated energy crops […]

Bristol firms buzzing over new Bio-Bee waste vehicle

  A new bus that runs on the food waste it collects from commercial businesses in Bristol has been launched. Bio-Bee collects and takes the food waste to GENeco’s anaerobic digestion plant in Avonmouth, where it is processed and turned into biogas or low carbon electricity for homes and communities. The biogas is either used […]

Converting to green gas grid ‘could be vital’

Converting to a low carbon gas grid could be a vital part of the UK’s decarbonisation journey. That’s according to a new report published by think tank Policy Connect and forum Carbon Connect, in collaboration with a cross-party group of politicians and the energy sector. It suggests the low carbon gases of greatest interest are […]

Gas buses ‘offer better value than electric’

Gas buses in the UK are already offering better value for taxpayers than their electric counterparts. That’s according to the latest figures released by the Department for Transport (DfT), which illustrate how the latest round of funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) was distributed. The funding saw six local authority-led projects receive […]