British Gas to hike prices by 5.5%

It is expected to result in an average increase of £60 per year

British Gas owner to cut 4,000 jobs as profits tumble

British Gas owner Centrica has said it will cut around 4,000 jobs by 2020 after its profits took a tumble. Its adjusted operating profit fell 17% to £1.25 billion last year and the company lost around 1.4 million domestic customers in the UK. Centrica said it expects the new programme “to involve reduction in like-for-like […]

Centrica to scrap standard variable tariff

Centrica has announced it plans to scrap its standard variable tariff (SVT) deals to drive down energy costs and make the market more fair. The British Gas parent company said the move will increase engagement and choice, reduce average bills, deliver a fairer allocation of energy policy costs and further protect vulnerable customers. It has […]

British Gas to roll out first next gen smart meter

New next generation smart meters are to be rolled out to British Gas customers next year following a small-scale trial this summer. The new SMETS2 meters will be capable of understanding the fluctuations in the supply and demand as well as integrating solar power, batteries and electric vehicle charging to help balance the grid. While […]

Small energy supplier questions British Gas price rise

A small energy supplier has questioned the price rise announced by British Gas as it claims energy costs have fallen. Centrica, the owner of the Big Six company, said it will be increasing electricity prices by 12.5%, taking the total annual dual fuel bill to £1,120. The price rise will come into effect on 15th […]

British Gas hikes electricity prices by 12.5%

The owner of British Gas has raised electricity prices by 12.5% but gas prices remain unchanged. That will increase the average dual fuel bill by 7.3% – or £76 – taking the total annual bill to £1,120. However, Centrica claims it is still cheaper than 84% of other standard tariffs on the market. The move, […]

British Gas faces £1.1m compensation bill

British Gas had paid £1.1 million to compensate customers for missed appointments. The Big Six supplier has made the payments to domestic and micro business customers after its third-party agents missed appointments with customers or did not keep them on time and did not compensate them as required by regulator Ofgem. Around 12,000 customers, mostly […]

British Gas investigated over switching terms

Ofgem has launched an investigation into the switching terms of British Gas. The regulator will examine whether the Big Six supplier breached licence conditions relating to its obligations to customers who switch to different energy companies. It includes the requirement to waive termination fees. Ofgem’s licence conditions state suppliers should not charge termination fees for […]

TPIs play ‘huge role’ in energy industry

  Energy consultants play a “huge role” in the energy industry, helping customers get a fair deal. That’s the view of Mike Chessum, Sales Director, Energy & Services at British Gas Business, who spoke to ELN at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA). The event, which attracted nearly 600 people, celebrated the best of the […]

Debating the energy future

  Robert Llewellyn, Gab Barbaro and ELN Editor Sumit Bose debate the issues of the future at the Energy Live Future event. Join them for a light hearted look at the way energy storage, generation and transportation is set to radically change our everyday lives.