Cavendish Nuclear keeps lab open amid covid-19 lockdown

The firm’s analytical laboratory in Cumbria is continuing serving critical nuclear industries

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Cavendish Nuclear’s analytical laboratory in Cumbria is still open for service, despite a lockdown in place amid the covid-19 pandemic.

The firm has said its service to ‘critical’ nuclear industry customers is uninterrupted and has confirmed a safe and protected environment for its workers.

George Phillips, Operations Manager, said: “We provide critical environmental and dosimetry analytical services to a number of the UK’s nuclear sites to ensure they meet their site license requirements. The outbreak of Coronavirus in the UK has not changed that important requirement.”

“In the days before the UK wide lockdown and since, we have been continually updating our customers with the situation at Greeson Court to give them confidence that we are able to continue to provide them with the services they require.”

As part of response measures, the firm has shifted to working from home procedures for non-critical workers and is practising social distancing with staggered work and lunch hours.

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