LG’s solar division aims to go carbon-neutral by 2030

Carbon-neutrality will be achieved using a variety of measures including recycling and tree planting

African oil producers to readjust fuel production in line with OPEC advisory

APPO members have committed to cutting daily oil production to 10 million barrels a day, with effect from May 1 2020

Duke Energy restores supply to 368,000 homes in thunderstorm-hit Carolinas

Repair efforts are underway to reinstate electricity to all 500,000 affected homes

IndianOil devises response strategy to the covid-19 crisis

Measures such as work-from-home, digital connectivity and mobile communications have been activated to ensure business continuity

Tata Power to supply face masks to migrant workers in India

The Dhaaga initiative has supplied more than 120,000 face masks to bridge a shortage faced during the Covid-19 crisis

Cavendish Nuclear keeps lab open amid covid-19 lockdown

The firm’s analytical laboratory in Cumbria is continuing serving critical nuclear industries

US announces $30m for research in machine learning and AI

The research plans to expand use of technology to find solutions to challenges including Covid-19

LNG imports market to take a hit due to covid-19 crisis

In 2019, the three nations collectively imported nearly 51% of global LNG supplies

INEOS stalls pipeline shutdown until 2021

The decision to postpone comes in light of current restrictions on mobility due to the Covid-19 crisis

US announces energy industry slowdown as demand drops

The department stated that once markets normalise, the nation would resume course to become a ‘net energy exporter’ in 2020