MPs warn of China’s potential control of UK nuclear power

China’s increasing involvement in the UK’s civil nuclear sector poses a significant risk, potentially leading to China controlling the country’s nuclear power stations, according to a parliamentary report

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Leaders from G7 nations have successfully reached an agreement on nuclear energy in Sapporo, Japan

German ex-nuclear town to become ‘hydrogen hub’

The mayor believes it can become the “most significant location in Germany for hydrogen”

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Scientists believe nuclear power could be humanity’s key to living on the moon

UK to present revised Net Zero Strategy before the end of March

Secretary of State for Energy Security, Grant Shapps has declared that achieving net zero is an integral part of his new department

UK and France seal energy security deal

This will see a shift towards more renewables and nuclear energy

Birmingham Uni opens facility to support next-gen nuclear energy generators

Claimed to be the UK’s first high-flux neutron facility, it will enable scientists to study the properties of materials used in nuclear energy production

UK tells UN ‘Russia is playing roulette with nuclear safety’

It fears a nuclear incident could be on the cards with its occupation of Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine