‘More than 90% of UK non-domestic solar arrays are underperforming financially’

The most common issue of commercial solar underperformance is poor PV output, according to a new report

The Big Zero report

As many as 91% of solar arrays are financially underperforming in the UK, causing thousands of pounds worth of losses.

That’s according to a new report by the independent power and energy consultant Roadnight Taylor, which suggests the most common issue of non-domestic solar underperformance is the poor photovoltaic (PV) output. 

This affected 40% of the installations assessed while 27% reported impacts from metering and tariff issues and 18% from insurance and maintenance overspend.

Hugh Taylor, CEO of Roadnight Taylor, said: “The financial benefits across the UK from optimising these investments could run to hundreds of millions over their feed-in tariff (FIT) life-spans. 

“Only 9% of schemes checked had no issues. The owners of these schemes and those that have had their issues corrected, now have peace of mind knowing their PV investments are performing at their true potential.”

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