UK faces insulation challenges, says Business Secretary

Kwasi Kwarteng admitted that the UK has the oldest housing stock in western Europe

CCC: “Current government net zero plans will not deliver”

The government’s climate advisors have stressed that the rate of household insulation measures remains at rock bottom

Octopus’ platform to make a splash in water market

A new business arm, Kraken Utilities aims to provide water and broadband services

People urged to use less air conditioning to dodge Russian energy

The agency has advised people to raise their air conditioner’s temperature, drive slower and avoid short-haul flights

Intel commits to net zero by 2040

By 2030, it is targeting 100% renewable energy use and a $300m investment in energy saving measures

Battery to help hospital slash nearly 50k tonnes of CO2 emissions

Veolia has installed a new battery energy storage system at the 500-bed Rotherham Hospital in the North of England

Irish public sector slashed energy use and saved €1.8bn

Public bodies saved six million tonnes of CO2 emissions between 2009-2020, according to new research

Nearly 32% of homes ‘use their smart meters more this winter’

More than half of customers are not sure if they will be able to pay their bills, new survey suggests

Government urged to cut VAT on domestic renewables

REA says installations of zero-carbon systems are still too expensive for many

Aberdeen energy firm boosted with £500k HSBC UK funding package

The funding will enable the company to purchase combined heat and power generators