Rolls-Royce completes testing for ‘world’s fastest’ all-electric jet tech

The project aims to beat the current all-electric flight world record early next year

Rolls-Royce has announced it has completed  the ground-testing stage of a technology that it says will power the ‘world’s fastest’ all-electric jet.

The jet will attempt to break the world record speed for electric planes early next year.

The test was conducted using a replica of the jet, which involves a 500hp electric powertrain and a battery of 6,000 cells that has enough energy to supply 250 homes.

The powertrain ran to a full speed of 2,400 revolutions per minute during the trial.

Image: Rolls-Royce

Half of the project’s funding is provided by the Aerospace Technology Institute, in partnership with BEIS and Innovate UK.

UK Business and Industry Minister Nadhim Zahawi said: “From trains to planes, our transport of the future will be powered by clean, electric sources, with companies like Rolls-Royce developing the tech to help meet our net zero ambitions.”

Rob Watson, Director at Rolls-Royce Electrical, commented: “Rolls-Royce is committed to playing a leading role in reaching net zero carbon by 2050. The completion of ground-testing for the ACCEL project is a great achievement for the team and is another important step towards a world record attempt.”

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