UK seeks input on measures to address carbon leakage

The government has launched a consultation seeking views on policy measures to mitigate carbon leakage risk, including a carbon border adjustment mechanism

‘Carbon offset costs set to double by 2030’

Companies risk missing net zero targets as analysis indicates carbon offset costs could double by 2030

North West leads in installation of energy efficiency measures

Around 9% of households in the UK have had Energy Company Obligation measures installed, government data shows

NatWest commits £1bn to boost green manufacture

The new funding aims at encouraging manufacturers to adopt cleaner and more efficient energy practices

Government urged to promote all zero emission vehicles for net zero target

UKPIA has called on the government to promote all types of zero emission vehicles, including e-fuels

Richmond Council pensions boost UK’s green energy transition

The local authority’s pension fund has invested in the ground source heat pump technology

Ofgem unveils SIF R3 challenges to supercharge net zero

Challenge areas for Round 3 of the Strategic Innovation Fund have been unveiled, seeking innovative projects that can drive the energy transition

UK energy reduction projects secure £3m boost

The funds will be used for initiatives such as energy advice, decarbonisation activities and the development of innovative energy-focused services and products

‘Over 20% of global population faces dangerously high temperatures by 2100’

Current climate policies fall short of Paris Agreement goals, with projected 2.7°C warming, leaving two billion lives in jeopardy, according to new study

Researchers to explore benefits of infrared heating for UK’s net zero

The research aims to gather data on different types of infrared heating, offering recommendations for future evaluation trials