Amazon secures six million gallons of sustainable fuel to lower air cargo emissions

The fuel includes feedstock of agricultural waste fats and oil and will be used for the air operations of the retail giant

‘World’s largest’ airport-based solar farm is ready to take off in Canada

The project is expected to have an annual energy production of 200,000MWh, which will result in an annual offset of 106,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

Aviation fuel made from used cooking oil lands in San Fransisco Airport to curb emissions

The new sustainable jet fuel is estimated to reduce emissions by 80% compared to fossil fuel options

First commercial-scale electric flight hit the UK skies

The six-seater plane has a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, which promises a better energy-to-weight ratio, making it viable for commercial operations

UK net zero aviation takes off with the launch of Jet Zero Council

Project aims for net zero carbon flying and the government has also reiterated its support to a waste-to-jet-fuel project

Slovenian electric aircraft becomes ‘world-first’ to receive certification by European Union Aviation

The two-seater aims to become the first step towards the commercial use of electric aircraft

France injects €1.5bn into carbon-neutral plane development project

The project is part of a massive €15 billion bailout plan for the country’s aviation industry

EU to adjust pre-pandemic baseline for aviation emissions

European officials propose the amended baseline period should refer to 2019 emission levels

Dutch green airport buildings get boost from €750m green bond

Funds will finance sustainable buildings and clean transportation at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and other airports in the Netherlands

Coronavirus ‘could see 38% drop in airline CO2 emissions’

Global aviation carbon dioxide emissions during February and March fell more than 10 million tonnes, according to a new survey