Could pigs, chickens and cows power your next holiday?

Researchers are unsure of the environmental impacts of animal fats to power jets

Qatar Airways boss says net zero ‘unachievable’ by 2050

He says there is not enough SAF production to hit the goal

UK’s new green aviation company takes off towards zero-emissions future

Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Britten-Norman are merging to create the ‘world’s first’ fully integrated, zero-emissions sub-regional aircraft, with up to £10 million investment

Taking off to net zero: UK unveils plan to decarbonise aviation in record time

Ministers have revealed a two-year action plan to speed up the production of sustainable aviation fuels and design, manufacture and rollout of zero-emission aircraft

Sustain-air-ble: RAF Voyager refuels mid-air using SAF

The Royal Air Force has completed an air-to-air refuelling flight using 43% sustainable aviation fuel

UK regulator slams Etihad Airways for ‘exaggerating’ eco-credentials in ads

The company breached advertising rules by making exaggerated environmental claims in their ads, according to the Advertising Standards Authority

Etihad’s net zero aims labelled ‘greenwashing’

An Australian watchdog has slammed the airline’s recent climate-based advertisements

Premier League teams flying to games – what’s the impact?

New research has found that for 100 fixtures, 81 short-haul flights were taken, with some as short as 27 minutes

‘Government must invest in clean fuels for transport’

That’s the view from a cross-party committee advising on future steps

‘Half of the UK’s farmland would be needed for Jet Zero’

Or the country would need double its renewable electricity capacity, a report claims