UK pressured to okay hydrogen blending in household gas network

The UK’s Hydrogen Champion has called for greater clarity on hydrogen investment opportunities

Why did former BEIS pay £780 at Pret A Manger in a single day?

Officials were asked about certain expenses included in the department’s budget report

BEIS returns £1.6bn allocated to research funding

The Treasury has taken back the amount it had allocated for the UK’s involvement in the European Union’s research programme

Energy vouchers: London and Scotland have the lowest take-up

Nearly half of the energy vouchers issued in October and November for prepayment customers in London were redeemed, according to government data

UK seeks views on how to achieve net zero airports by 2040

The call for evidence asks how to define airport operations and which type of emissions should be included in the target

Hunt on energy bill support: “We need to be responsible with public finances”

More people will bear the cost of the crisis if officials are not careful with what they offer in response to soaring energy prices, Mr Hunt has said

Energy Department to ask Britons to cut energy use by 15%

The new Department will work this year to improve the energy efficiency of buildings to meet the 15% demand reduction ambition

Decouple gas and electricity to make EV charging affordable, urge campaigners

Motoring groups suggest severing ties between gas and electricity prices would immediately reduce the cost of charging EVs in the UK

Offshore wind inspectors and solar bricks backed by government

British green projects will receive a share of £24 million in funding

UK emissions rose 5% in 2021

Transport and power were the main sectors that drove this increase, government data shows