EU unveils new energy efficiency strategy to retrofit 35m buildings

The strategy aims to tackle energy poverty, decarbonise heating and cooling solutions and renovate public buildings

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The European Commission has unveiled a new energy efficiency strategy that could see 35 million buildings renovated and up to 160,000 green jobs created.

The strategy, named ‘Renovation Wave’ will prioritise the decarbonisation of heating and cooling, tackling energy poverty, upgrading the worst-performing buildings and renovating public buildings such as schools, hospitals and administrative buildings.

The plan is to offer a set of policy measures, funding tools and technical assistance instruments that could accelerate the renovation of buildings and the improvement of their energy performance.

The European Commission will also examine how its funding mechanisms could support national energy efficiency and savings schemes targeting lower-income populations.

Executive Vice-President for the European Green, Deal Frans Timmermans, said: “We want everyone in Europe to have a home they can light, heat, or cool without breaking the bank or breaking the planet.

“The Renovation Wave will improve the places where we work, live and study while reducing our impact on the environment and providing jobs for thousands of Europeans.”

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