Major European banks pilot energy efficiency mortgages

Under such schemes, buyers can get reduced interest rates on their mortgages for greener and more energy efficient homes

Macquarie Group announces £500m green loan

It will support eligible projects including renewable energy and energy efficiency

Balancing conservation with energy efficiency ‘vital in historic buildings’

The Better Buildings Partnership says their design, materials and construction means they often have poorer EPC ratings

Scotland extends home energy efficiency scheme

Low income homes across five more local authority areas can borrow up to £40,000 for energy-saving measures until March 2019

Northern Ireland halved fuel poverty between 2011 and 2016

The Housing Executive said the improvement was largely due to lower average fuel prices, improved energy efficiency and increased income

World Bank announces $300m energy efficiency funding for India

The investments under the programme are expected to avoid 170 million tons of carbon dioxide being emitted

Energy efficient buildings in Germany get €100m boost

Vivawest will use the funds to build 900 low energy housing units in North Rhine-Westphalia

EIB signs €100m loan for green buildings in Copenhagen

Property developer Fastighets AB Balder says they will significantly exceed the nation’s nearly-zero-energy-building (NZEB) standards

Businesses and MPs call for new energy efficiency regulations

The Westminster Sustainable Business Forum and the British Board of Agrément said policy changes are needed to improve green performance

Councils call for government support on new-build emissions

Local authorities want more freedom to set higher sustainability standards in new homes