Chilly dip! King Charles ‘turns down the heat at palace pool’

King Charles has reportedly turned down the heat at the Buckingham Palace pool, opting for cooler waters as part of his commitment to environmental sustainability

Nearly 8% of government estate powered by renewable energy tariffs

Over half of the government estate’s electricity volume is being supplied by “zero carbon (nuclear)” tariffs

North West leads in installation of energy efficiency measures

Around 9% of households in the UK have had Energy Company Obligation measures installed, government data shows

‘Networked ground source heat pumps key to UK’s decarbonisation’

Increasing the number of these heat pumps could help Britain reduce annual electricity consumption almost as much as the total annual output of Hinkley Point C, according to a report

UK trials cut mortgage rates for greener homes

A new government scheme offers homeowners potential annual savings of £460 on bills, along with reduced mortgage rates for eligible participants

Birmingham leads the way in rare earth magnet recycling

Birmingham is set to become the UK’s first hub for rare earth magnet recycling

Sainsbury’s supercharges sustainability with most energy-efficient store yet

The retailer has unveiled a store in Hook, Hampshire, boasting 50% less energy consumption than similar-sized stores

Century old homes outshine recent builds in boiler efficiency

Homes built between 2003 and 2011 were found to be the most boiler efficient, according to a study

Councils warn of energy savings shortfall

Local authorities has raised concerns over the sluggish pace of home insulation schemes, jeopardising fuel poverty targets

Ofgem designated to lead Great British Insulation Scheme

A draft guidance document is open for public consultation until 27th June 27