US offers $42.3m to decarbonise manufacturing sector

According to the Department of Energy, the industrial sector accounted for 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions in 2019

US announces $60m for energy efficient manufacturing

The funding will be used by university-based Industrial Assessment Centres (IACs), which assist manufacturers in reducing their carbon footprint while training the next-generation of energy efficiency workers

Nottingham City Council seeks £140m to tackle fuel poverty

It will spend the money on installing energy efficiency retrofits, improving housing stock and adopting more affordable renewable power

Scotland announces extra £9m to tackle fuel poverty this year

The Area Based Scheme has helped deliver energy efficiency improvements to more than 100,000 homes since the programme launched in 2013, generating savings worth more than £900m on energy bills

Yorkshire Water launches 2030 net zero pathway

The water utility plans to embrace more renewables and deploy land-based solutions to accelerate its decarbonisation

Government urged to make buses free to all by 2025 in net zero blueprint

‘Fairness lock’ is essential to net zero transition, the IPPR Environmental Justice Commission suggests

SSEN Distribution and Centre for Sustainable Energy join forces to tackle fuel poverty

The new programme will offer assistance in accessing funding for energy efficiency measures as well as help identify the causes of high energy bills and provide advice on switching energy suppliers

‘Scotland’s largest’ net zero housing development greenlighted

The flats are designed to use on-site renewable energy to reduce energy demand

Majority of Europeans consider climate change to be world’s ‘most serious problem’

Nearly 87% of people believe it is important the EU sets ambitious targets to increase the use of renewable energy and the same percentage say it is important to provide support for improving energy efficiency

Mandatory water labels for products to make a splash

Defra has confirmed the introduction of mandatory water efficiency labels for products such as dishwashers and showers