Every new European wind turbine installation ‘generates €10m of economic activity’

Europe could have more than twice as much wind energy capacity as today by 2030 if governments fully implement their energy plans

Each new wind turbine installed in Europe generates €10 million (£9m) of economic activity.

That’s according to a new report by the European association WindEurope, which suggests if governments fully implement their national energy and climate plans, Europe will have more than twice as much wind energy capacity as today by 2030.

This translates to 50% more jobs in wind by 2030, reaching a total of 450,000.

By this time wind would also generate 30% of Europe’s electricity consumption and provide a €50 billion (£45.2bn) contribution to Europe’s GDP, according to the report.

Analysts estimate wind energy pays €5 billion (£4.5bn) in taxes across Europe every year, often directly to deprived rural local authorities.

However, the report also warns governments are struggling to deliver their wind installation plans and estimates if this doesn’t improve, the European wind industry could lose 20,000 jobs compared to today.

WindEurope Chief Executive Officer Giles Dickson said: “There’s a pipeline of new projects waiting to start. And the expansion of wind energy envisaged in the national energy and climate plans will create 150,000 new jobs.

“Provided governments implement their plans properly. If they don’t implement them properly, and if they don’t simplify the permitting arrangements for new wind farms, then we’ll lose jobs.”

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