Netherlands built Europe’s biggest wind capacity in 2020

Europe is not deploying enough new wind to deliver the Green Deal and climate neutrality, new report finds

The Netherlands has topped the list of countries with the highest wind capacity installed in 2020.

That’s according to a report by the wind industry’s association WindEurope, which suggests Europe built 14.7GW of new wind farms last year with 80% of them being onshore wind.

The analysis notes that the total installed capacity was 19% less than what was expected before the pandemic and warns that Europe is not building enough new wind to deliver the Green Deal and climate neutrality.

WindEurope expects Europe to build 105GW new wind farms in the next five years, more than 70% of which will be onshore.

Wind was 16% of all the electricity consumed in Europe in 2020 – it was 27% in Germany and the UK, 22% in Spain and 48% in Denmark, according to the report.

Giles Dickson, WindEurope Chief Executive Officer, said: “The main problem is permitting. Permitting rules and procedures are too complex.

“There are not enough people working in the permitting authorities to process permit applications. Governments have to address this. Otherwise, the Green Deal is at risk.”

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