UK wind power breaks new record on Bank Holiday

Wind farms generated a new high of 17.6GW providing almost half of Britain’s electricity on Monday afternoon

Saudi developer seals deal to build 1.5GW wind farm in Uzbekistan

Once commissioned, the project will cover the power needs of four million households

Nearly 3.3m wind energy jobs ‘could be created in the next five years’

China, the US, India, Germany and the UK could mostly capitalise on this growth, a new report finds

US wind farms lose $4bn because of the Texas storm blackouts

Every wind farm lost $44.4m on average, a new report estimates

Scottish university spearheads breakthrough project to solve mounting wind turbine blade waste

The technology will transform material from retired wind turbine blades into near-virgin quality glass fibres for new ones

New York unveils plans for more than 20 large-scale renewable energy projects

They are expected to generate enough renewable electricity to power more than 320,000 homes

EU bank announces €3.4bn for climate action and clean energy

Some of the projects include the use of solar power in homes across Spain, wind power in Ireland, upgraded energy distribution in Italy and a PV plant that uses batteries and hydrogen to store energy

Power turbo twins: Both solar and wind can ‘cover global energy demand 100 times’

A growth rate of 15% could see solar and wind generate all global electricity by the mid-2030s, according to a new report

IKEA owner vows to inject €4bn into renewables

The investments will focus on adding wind and solar projects to the group’s portfolio

Uzbekistan and Siemens to work together on hydrogen and wind energy

They will pursue the implementation of joint projects, including building new generating facilities and power audit facilities to introduce energy efficient technologies